Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
Україна с. Нижнє Солотвино, Ужгородський р-н, Закарпатська область +380312428060
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль" Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль logo
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль Cанаторний комплекс "Деревінська купіль" Logo
Welcome in the Derenivska Kupil Health Resort

It is in the picturesque foothills of the Carpathians, among the magnificent landscapes of the Derenivka ravine, where special healing water originates, having glorified this area in Europe yet four centuries ago.

Aristocrats and commanders, merchants and artists came to Derenivka to take the baths and drink the life-giving water, which, according to the legend, returned not only health and strength, but even youth.

Today in the Derenivska Kupil, life is revolting around – there are hotels and restaurants, SPA and active recreation areas, business and art spaces, everything being surrounded by a magnificent botanical garden and a unique sculpture park.