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Mineral Water

century-tested healing properties


Головна/Mineral water of the Derenivska Kupil Complex/ Mineral Water

Mineral Water


  • It is obtained from artesian well 544-a at the depth of 352 metres.
  • Due to its high silica content, Zakarpatska 1 has expressed detoxifying properties as well as slows down the aging process.
  • It has lipid-correcting properties, helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, prevents atherosclerosis.
  • The low mineralization of water and the presence of magnesium and sulfates make it a positive influence on the liver, as well as contribute to the normalization of motor function of the gall bladder.
  • The combination of silicic acid and calcium, magnesium and calcium in a physiological ratio has a positive effect on the state of bone metabolism and collagen synthesis.


  • Therapeutic thermal water is obtained from artesian well # 1-DK at the depth of 640 metres.
  • It is characterized by a high content of silicic acid, boric acid and temperature of 43°C. Due to these factors, the water has expressed detoxifying properties. Therefore, it can be used in modern methods of antitoxic therapy in chronic endogenous intoxication of various origins, which accompany chronic inflammatory processes, long-term medical-mental load, etc.
  • Silica acts as a sorbent and helps the body to get rid of slag.
  • The low sodium content makes the water suitable for drinking.
  • Silica contained in ZAKARPATSKA 2 water, contributes to the positive effect of baths in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints. This water is also useful for metabolic and endocrine disorders. Silicic acid has analgesic and desensitizing effects.
  • ZAKARPATSKA 2 water is helpful for women’s health. When used externally in the form of healing baths, it helps to treat a number of gynecological diseases and pathological conditions that can cause infertility.


  • It is obtained from artesian well # 296 at the depth of 125 metres.
  • According to the research of chemical composition, carried out in the Institute of hygiene and medical ecology named after Marzeev O. M. of NAU Ukraine, it was revealed that Derenivska Kupil has a rich micro- and macro element composition.
  • It contains natural silica, iodine, zinc and copper, while hydro carbonates prevail in a basic water composition.
  • Derenivska natural silica water has healing properties of the physiologically valuable drinking water. It has a bactericidal action similar to ‘silver’ water, so it is unique in its ability to maintain the functional reserves of the human body.
  • Natural silica has detoxifying properties, improves blood lipid spectrum, and slows down aging processes.
  • The presence of a small amount of sulfates causes a beneficial effect of water on the condition of the liver, biliary tract and intestine.
  • Low sodium content (3.7 mg / dm) means that the water is suitable for drinking even in the presence of disorders of the cardiovascular system, in particular, with hypertension.

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