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Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
Україна с. Нижнє Солотвино, Ужгородський р-н, Закарпатська область +380312428060
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль" Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль logo
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
Normalization of metabolism (Detox) Normalization of metabolism (Detox) Logo

Cleansing is a process that is constantly taking place in our body and can have various consequences: the accumulation of extra pounds, increasing the concentration of toxins and toxins. And although the body must counteract this, often its internal capabilities and resources are not enough to deal with all threats. The program Normalization of a metabolism (Detox) will help you with it.

Indication:decreased efficiency, unstable mood, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and hormonal system, weight change, constipation, edema, allergic reactions, brittle hair and nails.

Results:purification of the body, acceleration of metabolic processes and metabolism, improving the intestinal microflora, strengthening the immune system, prevention of comorbidities, skin cleansing.

Recovery methods:

Pump room with therapeutic water:internal reception of drinking medical, thermal, hydrocarbonate sodium mineral water “Zakarpatska 1”, “Zakarpatska 2” in the pump room of Derenivska Kupel. The uniqueness and healing properties of this water are enriched with natural silicon;

Functional diagnosis of the whole organism:will assess the work of your body, its systems and organs. This service can prevent the occurrence of any disease, or provide an opportunity to diagnose and prevent its occurrence;

Balanced nutrition:a diet that satisfies the body’s daily energy needs and maintains an optimal balance of trace elements and vitamins;

Medical support:various types of injection techniques, with which you can complete the planned treatment or improve the general condition according to the individual recommendations of our doctors;

Ozone therapy:use, for therapeutic purposes, the natural component – ozone, to stimulate antioxidant protection, regeneration, improve microcirculation and optimize metabolic processes;

Balneotherapy:mineral, carbon dioxide and ozone baths. The therapeutic effect is achieved by temperature factor, hydrostatic pressure, concentration of organic and inorganic substances;

Physiotherapy:based on the use of dosed effects on the body of electric currents, ultrasonic waves, magnetic field and inhalation therapy;

Shock wave therapy:non-surgical method of treatment and rehabilitation with the use of acoustic waves that penetrate into body tissues and affect the localization of pain;

Bioresonance therapy:modulated electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields or electric pulses of ultra-low power in the range of biologically significant frequencies for the body are used for therapeutic purposes;

Motor classes:method of treatment, which consists in the application of physical exercises and natural factors to humans for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes;

Phytotherapy:method of treatment and rehabilitation, in which the main factors are herbal medicines, which contain a complex of biologically active substances extracted from the plant or a separate part of it;

Anti-cellulite shock wave therapy:low-frequency acoustic waves that focus on a specific area of ​​the body have the ability to destroy all fat cells. Stimulate microcirculation in tissues and improve blood circulation and natural activation of lipolysis.

Pressure therapy:mechanical lymphatic drainage, which acts on the circulatory and lymphatic systems with compressed air supplied through special cuffs. Has anti-cellulite effect, relieves fatigue and swelling in the lower extremities, improves drainage;

Massage services:a combination of various massage techniques aimed at relaxing and restoring muscles;


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