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Cанаторний комплекс Деренівська Купіль
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Health and beauty center

Health and beauty center

One of the main values ​​of Derenivska Kupel is silicon water, which is the basis of the whole healing process. Since the 17th century, the unique trace elements of Derenov water and clean mountain air have glorified the resort throughout Europe for 400 years. Today, reviving the capabilities of Derenivska Kupel and supplementing them with advanced hardware technologies and state-of-the-art techniques, we have created a unique complex product that affects the recovery, purification, rejuvenation and health of the human body.

The Health and Beauty Center combines the two most advanced locations of the complex – the Health Center “Iris” and the Spa Complex “Silver Baths”. The modern rhythm of life, ecology and stress take away many resources from each person. Therefore, the key mission of our health and beauty center is to bring joy, lightness and harmony to the guest. Visit this area of ​​health, youth and beauty.

Health care in the sanatorium complex Derenivska Kupil is a combination of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, advanced technologies and the most modern methods. It is important that water is one of the foundations of the healing process. Mineral, thermal, enriched with silicon, boron, magnesium, we extract it from our own artesian wells, 650 m deep. The resort is located in the foothills of the Carpathians, in the Derenivka tract, in an ecologically clean area, so the climate and the actual microclimate of the territory contribute to the maximum recovery and recovery

If you choose the health resorts of Ukraine, the Carpathians and Transcarpathia proper for your vacation, then you should visit the Derenivska Kupil sanatorium complex. Here the directions are combined: general health, balneology and SPA, active recreation.

The health and beauty centers in Derenivska Kupela are the Iris health center, the Silver Spa complex, an aqua zone, a fitness center, and the Iris beauty salon.

Let's talk in more detail in the main facts about recreation and health in Derenivka.

First, let's go back to the story. For four centuries, aristocrats and military leaders, artists and merchants came to Derenivka to drink the life-giving water and get healthy. Nowadays, a new life is raging here: hotels and restaurants, resort areas and SPAs, business locations, spaces for active and relaxing recreation have appeared. Water, which is one of the foundations of the sanatorium complex, remains unchanged.

Iris Health Center

The Iris Health Center offers spa treatment programs, as well as body recovery and rehabilitation procedures.

The treatment and rehabilitation process is based on hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, advanced technologies, state-of-the-art methods of rehabilitation and prevention, as well as procedures individually tailored to the guest's needs.

Balneology is connected with its own water: mineral and thermal, enriched with silicon, extracted from its own artesian wells.

Water contributes to a positive effect on: the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, reproductive systems of the body, has an analgesic and desensitizing effect.

Silicon is the uniqueness of Dereniv water. It rejuvenates the skin from the outside and the whole body.

Before the start of the rehabilitation course, a diagnosis is made in order to form an individual range of services for the guest. We practice a combination of the following main directions: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, additional rehabilitation methods.

Wellness is harmoniously combined with active rest in the aqua zone and fitness room. Aquazone is an indoor pool with hydromassage functions, a Finnish bath, and a relaxation area. In the evening, a spectacular play of light is turned on, creating a lounge atmosphere. Panoramic windows open up magnificent views of Derenivka, so swimming is also art therapy.

We recommend visiting the fitness room. It offers views of the arboretum, so classes are also a visual delight. Classes are possible in groups or individually with a trainer.

Health programs

The highly qualified team of the Iris recreation and health center has developed a list of medical and health programs aimed at recovery, rehabilitation, restoration of body functions, relaxation therapy and various aesthetic services:

  • restoration and treatment of the musculoskeletal system;
  • detox programs (normalization of metabolism);
  • relief of stress and restoration of energy balance;
  • slowing down of aging processes;
  • aesthetic correction of the body;
  • facial cosmetology;
  • hair restoration and care.

Silver Terme SPA complex

The Silver Terme health spa complex is located in the heart of the resort, outwardly elegant and even extravagant. The most valuable thing is that during rest, lost strength and tone are restored; exchange processes are improved; a feeling of lightness and cheerfulness appears, energy returns; productivity increases.

The territory combines a thermal pool, a Roman steam room, a Transcarpathian bath, a Finnish sauna, balneological and massage rooms, a contrasting foot bath, an ice fountain, and a tropical shower.

The SPA menu offers a variety of treatments: baths, massages, peelings, scrubbings and body wraps. It is for men, women, there are also offers for children. It is important that cosmetics from the world-famous companies Elemis (UK), Gerard's (Italy), Dermalogica (USA), Thalgo (France) are used.


There is a semi-outdoor pool with thermal mineral water "Zakarpatska 2" in Srybny Terme. It cools down from 45°C to 34°C. Most valuable, containing silicon, which restores the feeling of youth. Hydromassage is surprisingly relaxing, thus lowers blood pressure and calms the nervous system. In the summer, it is also a pleasure to swim in hot water, because part of the pool is under the open sky.

In the middle of the Silver Baths is a luxurious open-air swimming pool that operates seasonally. From the pool you can admire the nature and architecture of Derenivska Kupeli.


Healing silicon water is available for of each guest of the complex - in the pump room. Stylish, glass, minimalist, in the middle of the arboretum, between sculptures and fountains. So tasting water is also an aesthetic component. Before visiting the pump, we advise you to consult a doctor of the Iris Health Center regarding contraindications to use.

Apitherapy is an authentic SPA tradition

Another natural attraction for recovery and a positive emotional state is apitherapy - sleeping on a beehive. This is a complete therapy for the body based on close contact with the bee colony. Bees with their work create micro-vibrations, ionize the air. Apitherapy has a positive effect on the renewal of the body, strengthens immunity, relaxes, relieves fatigue and stress, energizes and energizes. It also improves the activity of the nervous, endocrine, cardiac, respiratory, and reproductive systems.

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