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Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
Україна с. Нижнє Солотвино, Ужгородський р-н, Закарпатська область +380312428060
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль" Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль logo
Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
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One of the main values ​​of Derenivska Kupel is silicon water, which is the basis of the whole healing process. Since the 17th century, the unique trace elements of Derenov water and clean mountain air have glorified the resort throughout Europe for 400 years. Today, reviving the capabilities of Derenivska Kupel and supplementing them with advanced hardware technologies and state-of-the-art techniques, we have created a unique complex product that affects the recovery, purification, rejuvenation and health of the human body.

The Health and Beauty Center combines the two most advanced locations of the complex – the Health Center “Iris” and the Spa Complex “Silver Baths”. The modern rhythm of life, ecology and stress take away many resources from each person. Therefore, the key mission of our health and beauty center is to bring joy, lightness and harmony to the guest. Visit this area of ​​health, youth and beauty.

Restoration and treatment of the musculoskeletal system
Rehabilitation of neurological diseases
Recovery from type II diabetes
Normalization of metabolism (Detox)
Relieving stress and restoring energy balance
Slowing down the aging process (Anti-age)
Aesthetics and body corrections
Cosmetic facial care services
Hair restoration and care

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89999, p. Nizhne Solotvino, Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine