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Cанаторний комплекс Деренівська Купіль
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Health and SPA programs
Perfect body

In order to maintain the shape and beauty of the body, in addition to sports and proper nutrition, it is worth adding professional care, maintenance of muscle and skin tone. With concern for your health, the specialists of the “Iris” health center have taken a comprehensive approach to creating the concept of an ideal figure in order to emphasize the elegance of the silhouette, prolong the youth of the skin and improve the quality of life.

Indication: overweight, obesity, cellulite, skin problems, stress, poor sleep, eating disorders, metabolic disorders.

Results: formation of body contours, improvement of skin structure, reduction of subcutaneous fat.


Buvet with therapeutic water: internal reception of drinking therapeutic, thermal, hydrogen carbonate sodium mineral water

“Zakarpatska 1”, “Zakarpatska 2” in the pumping station Derenivska Kupeli. The uniqueness and healing properties of this water lie in its enrichment with natural silicon.

Balanced nutrition* * : a diet that meets the body’s daily need for energy and nutrients and maintains an optimal balance of trace elements and vitamins.

Lymphatic drainage massage: massage technique, the task of which is to improve

work of the lymphatic system. Because the lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning cells and tissues from harmful substances.

Anti-cellulite pressotherapy : mechanical lymphatic drainage , acting on the circulatory and lymphatic systems with compressed air supplied through special cuffs. It has an anti-cellulite effect, relieves fatigue and swelling on the legs, and improves drainage.

Anti-cellulite shock wave therapy of problem areas: has the ability to destroy all fat cells with the help of acoustic waves. Recommended for all skin types, in combination with modeling massages and programs.

Underwater manual massage: an effective method of hydrotherapy that combines the healing effect of massage and the benefits of essential SPA oils .

Anti-cellulite massage: one of the best ways to eliminate extra centimeters and fight cellulite. Professional cosmetics and confident movements of a specialist will help solve this problem.

Cost : 1 day – 3,500 hryvnias.

*minimum amount – 2 days

* * dietary food for an additional fee according to complex tariffs.

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