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Health and SPA programs

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Health and SPA programs


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Basic treatment

Preservation and strengthening of health for everyone!



Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system



The body of your dream is a reality, as if you will be instilled into life!






Energy recovery

Relieving stress and restoring energy balance


Beautiful mother

Improving health in a special period!


Perfect body

Professional care to maintain the shape and beauty of the body!


Rest and recovery should ideally be organized comprehensively. When everything is in one space and you can at the same time get healthy, relax in the SPA, get beauty treatments. Therefore, the doctors of Derenivska Kupela are forming programs of sanatorium-resort treatment, because it is rational from all points of view: for health, well-being, tone and good appearance.

We have combined everything in Derenivka to provide maximum wellness rest, opened a spa and wellness center, created both spa programs and, actually, medical and wellness programs for various needs and wishes of guests.

Derenivska Kupil currently offers wellness and SPA in the Iris Wellness Center and the Sribni Termy SPA complex. In Iris, attention is more focused on health improvement, it combines: rest and treatment, recovery procedures, massage, rehabilitation, which have a positive effect on the body in general and its individual systems. So it is more about medical and health programs. The doctor and the patient are constantly in interaction: from diagnosis to the implementation of all stages of the health and healing process.

At the same time, Iris has developed the SPA direction, so in one space you can cover the entire complex of health services, procedures for physical and emotional health and recovery, rest and true relaxation.

On the other hand, Silver Terme is about SPA, balneological recreation, as well as swimming pools, including a semi-open thermal one. Here is a symbiosis of the atmosphere of bliss, beauty and spa aesthetics.

What is important for obtaining the effect of a stay at the Derenivska Kupil resort is the balance of Derenivska water, advanced equipment, healthy food, and ecological terrain. Water directly heals, renews, rejuvenates. In Derenivska Kupela you will experience the effectiveness of mineral, thermal and drinking water. As for the product with which the medical staff works, we choose the best global brands. If we talk about the diet, the chefs focus on fruits, berries and vegetables grown in the gardens of Derenivska Kupeli, on fish and meat from farms, on local craft products. By the way, the doctor, if necessary, will develop a diet individually for the guest. It is valuable that all dishes are prepared on unique silicon water, which is extracted directly on the territory.

An area with ecological geolocation is definitely valuable for health: the foothills of the Carpathians, the microclimate of the arboretum, there are various types of salamanders, and it chooses only clean spaces.

Really ideal rehabilitation, effective procedures will be precisely when there is a systematic and individual approach to recovery.

Health programs.

The Iris Health Center provides the following basic health services. Body check-up – after all, all health and healing processes should be started after diagnosis. It is about a medical examination, consultations of specialized specialists, laboratory tests, ultrasound, electrocardiography. In general, the following types of recovery, rehabilitation and recovery are offered: physiotherapy; physical therapy; hydropathy; massage; body and hair care.

In Iris, the main blocks of recovery have been developed: restoration and treatment of the musculoskeletal system; rehabilitation after neurological diseases; recovery from type II diabetes; detox program (normalization of metabolism); stress relief and restoration of energy balance; slowing down of aging processes; body aesthetics and correction; cosmetology services for facial care; hair restoration and care.

We use the following devices for physiotherapy: Soleosonostim (Germany), Dimap D2000 (Czech Republic), Thermo-TK (Germany), HitopP1touch (Germany), Korona (Ukraine). At the same time, there are ozone therapy and inhalation services. It is more effective to combine physiotherapy with balneology, physical therapy, Nordic walking, aqua aerobics and a massage course.


The health and medical component should be enhanced with spa aesthetics, because it is not only pleasant and mood-boosting, but also useful for the body, skin, and restoration of energy balance.

SPA in Derenivska Kupela is a mix of balneology on its own silicon water with massages and “wellness treats” for the body.

As for balneology, it is primarily about baths. This Cleopatra bath with milk and honey; pearl bath with essential oils; Arktika bath with a salt complex from the French brand Thalgo; Laguna bath with Dunaliella and Spirulina algae; anti-cellulite relaxing underwater shower-massage with SPA oils.

Doctors together with spa estheticians have created basic and unique packages of services, separate positions, and they can choose an individual program for each guest. Comprehensive offers include programs for the face and body in combination with massage techniques, scrubbing and moisturizing.

We have compiled SPA programs for the whole body and separately for the face, hands and feet.

Thematic spa programs for the body usually includemassages, peelings and wraps, moisturizing.

Among the complex offers are the following:

Lulur. Anti-stress program: peeling, yogurt wrap, anti-stress massage.

Oloil. Complex program based on Tuscan olive oil: anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massages, scrubbing with basil leaves, wrapping.

Peat therapy. Detoxifying treatment wrap: peeling with walnut, wrap with peat, moisturizing with caffeine cream, draining massage of the whole body.

Pepper Aroma Therapy. Modeling program: aromatherapy salt peeling with tiare oil, wrapping with white pepper clay, modeling massage with caffeine cream, moisturizing with cream with sweet pepper and orange extract.

Chocolat. A true multi-sensory immersion in physical and emotional comfort. Included: peeling with walnut, chocolate wrap, moisturizing with chocolate cream with vitamin complex, anti-stress massage.

Soy Soy. Modeling strengthening massage of the whole body with soy oil, anti-cellulite draining corrective massage of problem areas – with soy jelly, caffeine and soy powder, moisturizing cream with soy extract.

Massage courses can also be taken separately, outside of the SPA programs. Classic; anti-stress; anti-cellulite; individual (according to the guest’s own wishes); with hydration; with chocolate; with natural yogurt and fruit. For the whole body, only the back or only the limbs, for the face. Men’s, women’s, children’s.

Peelings can be selected in the SPA-cleansing menu. Aromatherapeutic peeling with Dead Sea salt and essential oils. Peeling cream with walnut microgranules and thermal oligoelements. For peelings, the guest can choose moisturizing of his choice.

In general, this is a really conceptual solution: to combine during your vacation wellness, hydrotherapy, spa aesthetics, proper nutrition, sports activity and walks in the fresh air in an ecologically clean area, in the botanical garden, sculpture park of Derenivska Kupeli.

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