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Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
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Cанаторний комплекс Деревінська купіль
Rehabilitation program after COVID-19. Rehabilitation program after COVID-19. Logo

Rehabilitation program after COVID-19.

Rehabilitation program after COVID-19.

– Now you are a famous chef, and what started your professional career in the world of gastronomy?
At the age of 15, a classmate suggested that I earn extra money as a waiter on a ship, where I served banquets. At that time, I was studying to be a pastry chef and I wasn’t sure if I could be a waiter, but I agreed, because for a first-year student, the offer seemed interesting. After working for a while, I realized that I still like the kitchen much more, and I went as an assistant chef. In general, during my student life, there was a lack of information from which to study. The system itself was outdated, no one talked about haute cuisine. We were taught how to cook borscht with donuts.
Later, I went to Kyiv for an internship at local restaurants. When I saw a real kitchen, I realized that studying at the school is a waste of time. I had a new lease of life, I wanted to go to the country’s leading restaurants, develop, and gain new gastronomic knowledge.
– It is popularly accepted that a woman should be the hostess in the kitchen. Although it is believed that men cook better. How did your family accept the fact that you wanted to be a chef?
You know, I’m not exactly a chef in the third generation, but I belong to the food industry. My grandfather was a manager at one of the meat farms, my father was the owner of several food industry enterprises. I did not choose production, but kitchen, because it seems to me that this is a more creative profession.
To be honest, I have loved cooking since childhood. I have a younger brother and sister, when my parents went to work, I often cooked for them. In the summer, I used to go to my grandmother in the village and I really liked to help her. I remember how once they were preparing for a wedding there, and not all of the village gathered (smiles), but then I was amazed by the atmosphere.
When I finally chose the profession of a cook, there was a bit of a scandal at home, because my parents convinced me to study to be a lawyer. Now they don’t understand how I can earn money and successfully develop my own institutions without a higher education. I know that my relatives are proud of me.
– What is more important for a chef: talent or extensive experience?
In my opinion, talent is like fireworks, lots of noise and then silence. There are many talented people, but not everyone knows how to apply their skills in practice. Extensive experience, perseverance and painstaking work on oneself are the main ingredients for achieving success.
– For you, who is the most important and final authority in evaluating prepared dishes? Whose opinion is authoritative?
The guests in the hall must decide whether they like the dish or not. I know cases when the guests did not like the dish, and the cook said that they did not know anything about it. Such tactics are unacceptable. Our mission is to make people happy with delicious food. I have colleagues and partners wondering how I can prepare a dish, put it on the menu and not even try it, and restaurant visitors come and thank me. At such moments, I feel excitement, I am interested in the reaction of the guests, because I know exactly how to prepare food so that it is tasty.
– What are your favorite dishes?
This is very corny, but I love fried potatoes. I also like fish.
– Which of the Ukrainian products became a discovery for you?
“The recipe of a dish begins long before the product reaches the kitchen,” says Vadym Kovalev.
Now started using caramelized pine cones in combination with game or desserts. Another product is Transcarpathian trout. It is extremely tasty, but under the condition of proper cultivation. In general, the recipe for a dish begins long before the product enters the kitchen. In order for the ingredient to be of high quality, it is necessary to influence how it is grown.
That is why in Derenivska Kupela products are chosen with great responsibility, which are served to the tables of our guests.
– What brings you the most satisfaction as a professional?
Emotions of the guests! This is what makes me wake up every morning and come to work.
– What is the specialty of Derenivska Kupeli restaurants?
Our restaurants are located in the ecologically clean zone of Transcarpathia. This is a unique place. We use about 80% of local products, a significant part of which is grown in the Dereniv gardens and greenhouses on the territory of the complex. The specialty of Derenivka restaurants, which has no analogues in Ukraine, is cooking exclusively on the basis of natural mineral water, which is extracted directly on the spot.
We grow trout, carp, white carp and sturgeon using special feeds. We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics at all. The temperature of the water and the cleanliness of the reservoir are carefully monitored. Because of this, fish is not only very useful, but also incredibly tasty.
As for meat, there is a whole culture adopted from the USA, which is based on a special technology of feeding, and later on cooking. Beef is grown for us

The fact that after diseases, and especially after COVID-19, systemic rehabilitation is important.

To regain health after an acute respiratory infection complicated by bronchitis or pneumonia, which causes exhaustion of immunity and affects not only the lungs, but also the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and even the nervous system of a person, for final recovery and social adaptation full rehabilitation is recommended.
Everyone who suffered an illness before returning to active loads, going to work, should be aware of the need for restorative therapy in combination with medical measures for the final and complete recovery of their body.

Specialists of the “Iris” Health Center in the “Derenivska Kupil” Sanatorium Complex have developed the program “Rehabilitation after suffered diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, including COVID-19″*, which helps to strengthen health, restore the psychological state and return to work capacity. You will not only get better, but also relax in a picturesque corner of Transcarpathia.
The course of rehabilitation treatment lasts from 7 days and includes a list of health procedures that restore the activity of the respiratory system, remove toxins and improve the general condition.

The health course includes such procedures as:
carbon dioxide baths – improve bronchial patency;
mineral water – helps to remove toxins;
electrophoresis with lidase – rapid absorption of residual changes;
magnet – improvement of the drainage function of the lungs and has a vasodilating effect;
hydroozone therapy – immunostimulating effect;
lymphatic drainage massage – removal of the feeling of heaviness, swelling and removal of toxins from the lymphatic system after a disease.
A complex of health and rehabilitation procedures will restore your strength, energy and well-being!

*A negative test for COVID-19 is required to complete the program.


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