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Головна/ Mineral water of the Derenivska Kupil Complex

One of the natural uniqueness of the Derenivska Kupil is the curative mineral water with high silica content and other trace elements. In the ecologically clean Derenivska area mineral Zakarpatska 1, thermal Zakarpatska 2 and drinking Derenivska Kupil water is extracted from the artesian wells.

The complex has its own Derenivska Kupil plant, where mineral and drinking water is bottled on the ‘without breaking the jet’ principle. This technology allows preserving the natural properties of water. The modern pumproom with varieties of healing Derenivska water is located in the heart of the complex

Mineral water of The Derenivska Kupil

One of the natural uniqueness of the Derenovskaya Kupela is water. In the ecologically clean area, mineral “Zakarpatska 1”, thermal “Zakarpatska 2” and drinking “Derenovskaya Kupil” are extracted from artesian wells.

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