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Cанаторний комплекс Деренівська Купіль
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Swimming pools of The Derenivska Kupil

Three modern European-level swimming pools – outdoor, indoor and thermal – will make you forget about all the problems and worries, help you regenerate and be healthier. SPA services, herbal teas or cocktails, as well as the second to none landscapes of the Derenivska Kupil will add pleasant moments. Enjoy aqua holidays in the Carpathians with benefits for health!

A flawless vacation cannot be imagined without water attractions. And not only in summer, but also in every season, because in the cold season, the comfort of the SPA with various baths is surprisingly pleasant, you want to go to the bathhouse and sauna, to the hot tub and the thermal pool.

There are two water areas in the sanatorium complex Derenivska Kupil. One is in the Iris Health Complex – there is an indoor pool, a Finnish sauna, balneological baths, and a relaxation area. The second is in the Sribny Terme SPA complex, where there is an outdoor pool with a pool bar, a semi-open thermal pool with hydromassage, and a SPA area. Another outdoor swimming pool is also under construction.

It is important that it is pleasant to swim in the semi-open thermal pool both on sunny and frosty days. Because whether it’s summer or winter, you can have a comfortable vacation with water activities, and this is definitely an ideal vacation.

All that remains is to book a room in Derenivska Kupeli – and an amazing vacation is guaranteed.

Tourists usually look for hotels in Transcarpathia with a pool in the westernmost region of Ukraine, and even more so for the best hotels in Transcarpathia with a pool. Or maybe – Zakarpattia recreation centers with a swimming pool. And this request is easy to implement – just book a room in Derenivska Kupela.

Do you want a vacation in Transcarpathia with a swimming pool? We invite you to the comfortable SPA-complex Sribni Terme. We will tell you how a tourist can spend time here and get maximum relaxation.

Outdoor swimming pool with fresh water. Modern in form and content. Located in the center of Derenivka, with incredible views of the arboretum. The depth is 1.25 – 1.65 m. Sunbeds are placed around and on a suspended modern structure, directly above the pool. An aqua bar is built in the middle of it, where Instagram cocktails are mixed. Swimming in the pool is truly aqua-entertainment and relaxation – because the non-standard design and nature inspire.

A unique highlight is the semi-open thermal pool. This is surprisingly important when a tourist has a request “hotel complex outdoor thermal pool”. Derenivska unique healing water, enriched with silicon, magnesium and boron. Pleasantly hot, + 34 ° C, total relaxation. It’s an incredible thrill to swim when it’s frosty and you’re in warm water.

Usually, the best hotels in the Carpathians with a swimming pool also have a SPA – of course, a tourist seeks exactly this type of recreation. That’s why we created a modern SPA-complex of Sribni Terme, which combines natural healing factors and complex care for the body and face.

Here’s what’s here:

Balneology. This is an offer of various hydromassage baths based on our own mineral and thermal water. Baths are combined with massage, aromatherapy and other wellness attractions.

SPA-rituals. Peelings, wraps, massages, complex programs.

Roman steam room. It is equipped with marble sunbeds that are heated from the inside. High humidity and optimal temperature, so that the body warms up gradually, with maximum relaxation.

Transcarpathian Bath. Wooden, with high humidity, while the temperature is lower than in a classic sauna.

Finnish sauna. In the Finnish sauna, dry heat prevails, that is, low humidity, but a higher temperature.

Tropical shower. Water pours in a wide stream, giving contrasting relaxation.

Contrast foot bath. It improves the condition of the feet and joints in general due to its tonic effect. It has a positive effect on blood vessels and blood circulation.

Ice fountain. Optimal contrast procedure in between rest in baths, saunas and thermal pool.

There is a Salamandra cafe right in Silver Terme. The terrace is located next to the pool – so it is comfortable to swim and have a snack at the same time. Here mainly light dishes, a developed Italian direction, cocktails, smoothies, teas, ice cream, a children’s menu.

In Srybny Terme, the rest room is stylized as a winter garden, and the panoramic windows offer a luxurious view of the Derenivska Kupela.

In general, Silver Terme is the best solution if you choose Transcarpathian hotels with an outdoor pool. If you are looking for Transcarpathian hotels with an indoor pool, you can book a room at the Iris Hotel, which has a luxurious indoor aqua zone in its health center. This is an area of ​​more active recreation and at the same time comfortable relaxation.

Actually, the aqua zone combines an indoor pool, a Finnish sauna, a cozy relaxation area and a phytobar.

The pool has a depth of 1.2 – 1.6 m. It is equipped with hydromassage units that relax and point-massage the body, which promotes recovery and rejuvenation. Bathing is a physical and emotional joy, because through the panoramic windows you will see the luxurious botanical garden and sculpture park. In the evening – a completely different visual appearance, because the gradation of decorative lighting is switched on.

Between swims, you can relax in the Finnish sauna, with its soft dry air, taste tea made from Carpathian herbs according to the original recipes of the bartenders of Derenivska Kupel and.

For guests of Derenivska Kupeli hotels, a visit to the Iris aquazone is included in the room rate.

One of the main advantages of the water zones in Derenivska Kupela is their diversity. That is, everyone will find their own form of recreation. Active distance swimming or simply soaking in hot water. Wander from bath to bath or taste cocktails in the middle of the pool. There is everything for adults and families with children.

Aquazones are also about health improvement, because they use their own Derenovo water with its scientifically proven healing properties.

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