Thermal swimming-pool

The Derenivska Kupil is a therm-resort. The Silver Therms SPA-Complex contains a semi-outdoor swimming-pool with Zakarpatska 2 thermal therapeutic water. Healing water is drilled from the depth of 640 m and cooled down from +45 °С till +34 °С. It possesses all vitally important elements, including boron and silicon.
Our water has a positive effect on musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, digestion and excretory systems. Zakarpatska 2 is necessary to women’s health – helps in treating different diseases, which may be the cause of sterility. As water contains silicon, it does not only improve health, but rejuvenates skin and internal systems as well. It is true that this element slows down the organism aging. Silicon clears our organism from slags, being useful for those who keep the weight as well as for sportsmen.
Generally, thermal water of Derenivka is effective by various medical indications. What is more, this water relaxes a lot. It practically massages, thus making blood circulation better, decreasing blood pressure, soothing the nervous system. The indoor part of the swimming-pool is hydromassage, providing more benefit and relax while bathing with the pleasant flow.
Staying in thermal water has a positive effect on mental state: the mood improves, stresses pass by, consciousness is cleared for new ideas and visions. After the recreation of such kind there is a feeling as if you were born anew.


Mineral natural medical hydrocarbonate sodium
(calcium-sodium) silicic water

Zakarpatska 2 mineral water is characterized by a high content of silicic acid, boric acid and thermal factor (43°C). Due to a high content of silicic acid, they have apparent detoxicative properties and may be used in modern methods of antitoxic therapy in chronic endogenous intoxication of various etymology, which accompany chronic inflammatory processes, durable medicamentous load etc. Silicon acts as sorbent and helps the organism to remove slag.
A low content of sodium predetermines Zakarpatska 2 drinking applicability.

Silicon, found in Zakarpatska 2, facilitates a positive effect of baths in the treatment of musculoskeletal system, joints, lungs, digestion system, and kidneys. There is also a positive effect on a cardiovascular system, metabolism, and an endocrine system. Silicic acid has an anesthetic and desensibilizing effect. Under the influence of baths, there is a correction of hemodynamics, microcirculation, and all kinds of metabolism. Hence, the outer application of Zakarpatska 2 is recommended for the treatment and prevention of diseases that require energy warmth.